Contrary to what many who are not Brothers believe, we are more than just men who get together to have an orgy, although that is part of our ritual, we are a Brotherhood devoted to the worship of the Holy Cock. It is a devotion, a calling and recognition that the Holy Cock is the center of who we are as men. Indeed, it is something spiritual.

The Temple Priapus is a community of inspired rituals and ceremonies for males who celebrate sexual power, virility, phallic devotion and the masculine divine.

All men instinctively know the value worshipping another man’s cock. As males we’re all curious, even sucking our own cocks when we were coming of age just to know what it might feel and taste like.

When born as men, we’re automatically blessed with what I call a Spiritual Grand Trine: Our Hearts, Our Minds and Our Roots (Cocks). These are very strong spiritual centers in males and to deny them, as many religions and political organizations have encouraged men to do over the years is to go down the path of insanity. Such denial is the cause of war, greed and violence, because let’s face it, that strong energy needs healthy outlets.

We recognize this as Brother in our Temple and because of this, we invite men from all walks of life to join us on this amazing and transformative journey of cock worship.