And there was Joseph, a simple farmer’s son who had come to the house of Issac. As Joseph entered, the scent and the glory of man overtook him and he knew he was in the presence of Cock.

What say you, Joseph,” Isaac asked.

“Isaac, I have come to pay respect to Priapus for I hear he is strong within you.”

“Yes, my son,” and with a fallen robe, Joseph saw the object of light and glory he seeked. Isaac indicated to the farmer’s son to kneel and pray with him. And as Joseph stretched his mouth to engulf the Cock of Isaac, Isaac sighed in a heavenly bliss that it was right.

And Isaac knew this was a special night, for as Joseph worked the tongue and the lips over the sacred Cock, he felt at peace.

All at once, Joseph felt his spirit become one with Cock. His body vanished but he was not afraid, for he knew Priapus had given him a great gift.

For a fortnight, Joseph experienced the wonder of Cock. As the blacksmith worshipped Cock at the feet of Isaac, Joseph felt the blacksmith’s tongue completely surround him as the Cock. As the stable boy received the Cock of Isaac deep within him, Joseph was surrounded by a warmth and peace he had never known. And as Isaac spilled his seed with the farmer Adam, Joseph’s world was the explosion of cum and he felt great joy.

And as the fortnight came to darkness and Joseph found himself in his quiet bed once again, restored and rested in his own flesh, he broke down and cried in joy at what Priapus had shown him.