One of the biggest questions we face is what we want to be in life. Do we want to be a doctor or a lawyer? Do we want to work for a small or large company? What will be our passion?

A Cock Worshipper faces no such questions because we know our passion. The hours of our lives spent in work are not our focus. Our focus is on the Cock. It is our destination. It is our reason. It is ingrained in us from the beginning, and you are so fortunate you have discovered and embraced it.

Everything in your day is leading you to Cock. And when you begin to suck your Host's dick, your other worries fall away. You are not consumed by questions of life, you are in your place. On your knees, in complete service to Priapus. Massaging the Cock with your tongue, bringing delight to your Man and to your God.

Let Cock be your medidation. Let your thoughts and worries drift away as you continue to suck, and to throat the Lord Cock that has been presented to you. Show respect by wiping away your concerns, know that Cock is the answer to what you seek. What is in front of you fills your world.

Cock is your life. Embrace it and fulfill the role that Priapus has thrust upon you. You cannot deny your passion. Accept your place.