All temple services, special celebrations, administrative meetings, etc. are nude mandatory, without exception. Cock rings may be worn. The PONTIFEX is the only person allowed to wear a stole or other ceremonial gown. Complete nakedness is required for all phallic worshippers. Failure to do so will result in removal from Temple!

Membership to the first level of the temple depends upon a number of factors – body pride, sexual drive, love of the COCK, agreements with practices and principles of the temple, acceptance of nudity. COCK size is not relevant, but COCK pride is! Group sex is a vital part of church and the candidate must accept to participate while not being forced to do any acts not of his choosing. Anal sex is conditional upon wearing of a condom. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the temple. Sex is part of the screening process. Failure to have some sort of sex during the interview blocks further processing of application. An application must be filled out during the interview.

Prohibited at temple activities : overt drunkenness; fighting; hard drugs; disrespect for the High Priest or his designate, the temple or its principles; anal intercourse without a condom; wearing of clothes. Other rules will be set by the Board of Phallic Advisors.

The temple is divided into various levels of membership.

Level one is entitled Regular membership whose members have passed the screening and been approved by the Board of Phallic Advisors following the first temple service attended by the candidate. An initiation for this level occurs during a regular temple service. There is a probationary period of three months. Regular attendance at services is required. The Board may remove a member who does not attend regularly. The member may appeal to the High Priest whose decision is final.

Level two is called the ORDER OF THE GREEN CARNATION OF PRIAPUS and members are initiated at a secret ceremony, They must devote 8 hours per week to the temple or COCK. Members are chosen by the Board of Phallic Advisors.

Level three is called the COMPANION OF THE COCK. The level is chosen by the PONTIFEX. They must devote themselves to work for the temple and to the oral needs of the PONTIFEX or High Priest. From both these levels come the members of the Board Of Phallic Advisors.

Level four is reserved for Acolyte-Priests and High Priests only.

All regular members or brothers must pledge four hours per week to the work of the temple or to relieve sexual frustration of themselves or others. All other members must devote eight or twelve hours per week for the same reasons. It is the duty of the High Priest to monitor this pledge!

DUES: All members of the temple must pay some sort of tithe or dues. The Board of Phallic Advisors will set the rate. Currently, it is $6 per service; Out-of-town members must pay $20 for a subscription to the Bulletin, plus at least one testimonial or prayer per year.

Any member who misses more than five services in a row will be placed on probation for three months. Then, the Board of Phallic Advisors will rule on his continued membership. All members who attend temple services are expected to participate in the carnal communion of love at the end of each service. Members are encouraged to let their COCKS and Balls rule and guide them in the satiation of lust, and to cum as often as they want through the blessed acts of masturbation, cock sucking, safe sodomy etc. and to share their cocks openly with one another in joy, naked and without shame.

The High Priest/ Pontifex, through the dictates of his blessed erect COCK, and as the Most High Celebrant of the Penis, will lead the temple and have final decision making power over spiritual areas. He , with the Board of Phallic Advisors will run the temple administration.

Those wishing to advance in the Orders of the Temple must show strong and continued devotion to and worship of the COCKS of man; to the relief of sexual lust to reduce evil; to support for and adherence to the temple, its rules, rituals and principles; to working for the temple in some way, and to the support of the PONTIFEX and his erect staff!

Admission of non-gay males will be allowed by the PONTIFEX if the person supports the aims of the temple and proves his love of COCKS. Females may be considered for membership after the Board has considered the impact on the temple. A temple vote or referendum should be considered for this aspect. It should be noted that some temples have a special service for heterosexual members.

All members of our brother temples are eligible to attend the services of another temple and are encouraged to do so.