LEVEL ONE: This is a regular membership.

A candidate must first pass the screening process and attend one meeting of the temple, after which time the candidate and the Board decide if he can continue to attend services. Normally, it should be yes. If the person does not follow the Rules of the temple, then this would be a reason for refusal of candidature. A formal initiation will take place during a regular service of the temple. The board and/or PONTIFEX will schedule this service. There follows a probation period of 3 months to determine interest in the temple. The brother becomes a full member of the temple! The brother must devote 4 hours a week to service of the COCK or the temple! Out-of-town brothers must write a testimonial once a year to maintain their active status.


Members of the level are chosen upon recommendation of the board of Phallic Advisors or if out of town, by the PONTIFEX. There is a secret initiation before the Board and other second level brothers. Candidates must show a willingness to help the temple and are devoted to our cause and to the Power of the COCK! There is no special time for this level to add members, but if a candidate feels called upon and helps the temple out with the administration etc. he qualifies for consideration. A decision of the Board may be appealed to the PONTIFEX who must have valid reason to overturn the Board’s decision. Up to this point, this has never happened! After the special ceremony, the brother joins this Holy Order and becomes part of the Brotherhood of the COCK! He must devote 8 hours a week to the temple and to COCK satisfaction.


This level is chosen exclusively by the PONTIFEX. The brother must demonstrate a thorough devotion to COCKS and pledge to service the Holy COCK of the PONTIFEX whenever possible. There is a special secret initiation for this level along with obligations of 10 hours a week to cock-worship and the temple, plus a written monthly prayer or testimonial. From the ranks of the COMPANIONS OF THE COCK comes new High Priests. Membership in this level is meant to be limited. Those feeling called upon to join this level should request a private interview with the PONTIFEX. All COMPANIONS are eligible to receive the Sacrament of the Most Holy Seed from the PONTIFEX who must make himself available for worship by the COMPANIONS.


Priests are created according to the rites of Mary Magdalene and must receive the juices of another priest either in person or by proxy if no priest is available. A priest must devote 12 hours a week to the church. The PONTIFEX must devote 16 hours a week. All priests must make themselves available to COMPANIONS for worship and the Sacrament. They must also make themselves available to all brothers for counseling and for screening sessions which can be shared with members of the Board of Phallic Advisors. A member of level two or three can be a candidate for the Board of Phallic Advisors who should be elected by all the brothers of those levels for a period of one year. Members of level four are automatic members of the Board. The Office of High Priest is for life! Candidates for the Priesthood should contact Priest of Priapus who will commence instruction.